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    June updates

    Breaking News
  • Zenit of Russia is developing a modular photographic system that may accept DSLR and RF lenses and use a 4/3rds sensor, with an external LCD. Please note this is a development notice, not a product announcement:

    Update 6/17
  • dpreview reviews the Olympus E410 (a must read review!), Kodak introduces new high sensitivity image sensor technology, dcresource reviews the Panasonic FZ8 (now with RAW), and lots of forum discussions ranging from Canon 40D rumors, a pornography vs art debate, a price drop on the Panasonic LX2K, and a lot more:
  • If you like Charts, this post is for you:
  • Which are the top photography books in your opinion?
  • Kodak introduced six new digital cameras:
  • Another installment of the Photography Soup:
  • Shining the spotlight on the cameras using the "magic" 6mp Fuji SuperCCD sensor:
  • Market share numbers from Australia:
  • BenQ leads the attack of the silver clones

    New Posts!
  • An update to the 2006 global digital camera shipments post with new data from CNET UK:
  • Nikon rumors and some book ideas:
  • Forum posts of interest, new reviews, new clone cameras, a teaser of the Olympus P1 (new flagship DSLR), and lots more in this long edition of the Photography Soup:
  • News from Japan thanks to,
  • dpreview reviews the Canon TX-1,
  • If you like Charts of digital cameras, here are some posts for you:, and

  • A 50-megapixel Canon APS industrial sensor, Thom Hogan designs his dream camera on paper, and the Olympus SP-550 gets a second option:
  • Curious about which are the best sellers at Amazon? and
  • Top 10 most popular cameras in Japan via and Nikkei:
  • Various:
  • The Sony H9 gets reviewed by dpreview:
  • The Nikon D40x gets reviewed by dpreview:
  • Interesting forum discussions:
  • More forum discussions:

    New blog starting up!

    New blog starting up! This blog will slowly migrate to the new blog 1001 Noisy Cameras. Comments, suggestions, recommendations, please feel free to make them :-)

    Meanwhile, I will keep updating this blog with the latest posts for the next few weeks. Newest topics will appear at the top!

    Update on May 24, 2007
  • Memorial Day sales are starting to come up:
  • New News (Kodak to get out of low-end digital cameras)
  • The latest TV listings of photography shows on USA TV:
  • New 12mp cameras from Casio (EX-Z1200SR) and Panasonic (FX100):
  • Overheard in the forums:
  • A review of the new TV show It's All Geek to me on the Science Channel. They had an episode on digital cameras.
  • More forum items of interest, such as Canon 40D rumors, and the dpreview review of the Nikon P5000.

    Update on May 18, 2007
  • Nikon gives D40 DSLRs to a small town. See what happens next:
  • Photography documentaries on DVD:
  • More forum updates:
  • Amazon acquires,
  • New Fuji f47fd in the UK and more:

    Update on May 9, 2007
  • Changes at Pentax? Selling Tokyo headquarters, shedding less profitable businesses? Stopping development of the 645D?
  • Two new digital camers from Canon, the super zoom Canon S5 Is and anotehr "bijou" Elph/Ixus/Ixy, the SD 850-IS, along with an idea for a Mother's day gift:

    Update on May 4, 2007
  • New reliable rumors that Pentax will be announcing two new DSLRs this fall according to a report by forum user Benjamin:
  • A reminder, May is national photography month in the USA:
  • If you like numbers, this is for you, crunching the numbers of global digital camera shipments for 2006, DSLRs included:

    April 2007
  • New Sony S800 (8mp, 6x optical) announced on 4/27 in Europe:
  • Forum topics of interest:
  • New Minox DC1022 (10mp, 6x optical):
  • Forum discussions including the human eye's ISO:
  • A list of some interesting discussion topics in the dpreview forums:
  • All the posts here:

    upcoming Panasonic DSLRs

    A CNET story that flew under the radar with all the excitement at PMA gets a lot of discussion in the dpreview News forum: It talks about the next Panasonic DSLR expected to have a 10mp sensor, live view, in-body image stabilization (sensor anti-shake), sensor dust bunnies cleaning, and with a Leica lens. No info as to whether Panasonic will attempt to enter the professional camera market.

    upcoming Photography shows on TV (USA TV region)

    *** All times are pacific ***

    1) The "Risk Takers" on Discovery-HD has a episode on high-risk photographer Jim Oltersd. This is a repeat. Airtimes: Sunday April 15, 4am pacific time. This episode is also available On-Demand on some cable systems

    2) On PBS, the one hour documentary "At Close Range with National Geographic" photographer Joel Sartore. Check with your local PBS stations for airtimes. It airs on the standard-definition, high-definition and the digital encore channels (depending on how your local PBS stations are setup).

    3) Also on some PBS stations, the 8-part series "The Language of Photography" will repeat. Some episodes of it are available On-Demand on some cable systems

    4) Repeating on PBS digital encore stations is an episode of Independent Lens featuring "Hansel Mieth: Vagabond Photographer" The journey of photographer Hansel Mieth, from Germany to the pages of Life magazine, where she set the standard for concerned artists.

    5) The E! channel (Entertainment) has a "THS Investigates: Paparazzi" episode on celebrity photographers. TV listings show it running on Thursday April 12 at 10pm pacific, Friday at 4pm, and Thursday April 19 at 2am. (first aired in 2007)

    6) And QVC has a "Digital photography made easy" on Sunday april 22 at 11am pacific. Beware this is a shopping channel, so don't expect to learn a lot, but be prepared to laugh at clueless comments made, even by company reps :-)

    7) On Fantasy Living (usually a digital cable channel), on Monday April 22 at 6pm and 9pm (pacific time), an episode of "Me vs Me" looks at Sports Photography.

    *** All times above are pacific ***
    *** Please double-check with your local listings!!! ***