photographyetc (photographyetc) wrote,

Impact Review: Samsung V700

This is the first review I have seen of the next generation of Samsung digital cameras. As some of you may recall, the previous generations of Samsung digicams got neutral to negative reviews. Sometimes they even got negative comments from reviewers who like to "sugar coat" things. As Samsung aspires to do great things in the world of digital cameras, the quality of this new generation is crucial. Thus earning the designation of "Impact Review".

So the first review [that I have seen] published is for the Samsung V700, a compact camera apparently using the critically acclaimed 7mp 1/1.8" Sony CCD. The five page review is right here: The conclusion in this review is actually on page 2, not the last page.

I won't spoil the review or the conclusion, but I will say one thing: The closer co-operation between Sony and Samsung of recent months is surely helping Samsung.
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